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Uniform Civil Code

India is a country of rich cultural heritage. Diversity is its unique identity. It is said that the two districts of this country is having more diversity than the two countries of Europe. This was the reason western theorist had not accepted India as a country or nation and according to then India is a nation in making. Despite having this much diversity even after 70 years of independence we are one and unified country.

Ancient Indian History

The ancient Indian History is a witness to the fact that the victims of crimes have sufficient provisions of restitution by way of compensation to injuries. Author of the book, “General Principle of Hindu Jurisprudence” Dr. Priyanath Sen[1] has observed- “It is, however, remarkable that in as much as it was concerned to be the duty of the King to protect the property of his people, if the King could not restore the stolen articles or recover their price for the owner


How to start preparing for PCS (J)/ Judiciary

The judicial service review allows for a safe and comfortable tenure. Moreover, it gives the selected candidates the opportunity to serve the country. About 50,000 to 60,000 candidates sit for the judicial service exam each year, but only those who study with purpose and plan pass. To pass the exam for forensic services, a candidate can use the self-study mechanism or get help from a coaching institute.


Significance of Law in Modern Society

The law is significant for the general public for it fills in as a standard of lead for residents. It was likewise made to accommodate legitimate rules and request upon the conduct for all residents and to support the value on the three parts of the legislature.It keeps the general public running. Without law, there would be a disorder, and it would be survival of the fittest and every man for him — not a perfect way of life for generally part.

Why do you need coaching ?

Our GURUs can help move you from feeling threatened to feeling challenged. Coaching can provide clarity to help you make decisions about maintaining organizational performance; business continuity; and the safety, well-being, and financial security of your workforce. You may be figuring out strategies for maintaining organizational performance with many people working from home and normal workflows disrupted.


Advocacy and Ethics

Advocacy is a noble profession and an advocate is the most accountable, privileged and erudite person of the society and his act are role model for the society, which are necessary to be regulated. Professional misconduct is the behavior outside the bounds of what is considered acceptable or worthy of its membership by the governing body of a profession. Professional misconduct refers to disgraceful or dishonorable.